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Together we realize AI driven Data & Analytics of tomorrow.

Our Data-driven customers are facing the impact of AI & innovation on their data & analytics strategy.


Business - & data teams get inspired by working out use cases, experiencing more business interaction with their data, driving conversational BI and self service analytics.


To unlock optimal value & more efficiency with AI-driven Data & Analytics, organizations recognize that knowledge & skills remain crucial and needs to be triggered and expanded.


DKC is empowering users with the necessary knowledge and support by inspiring, in creating, using and adopting effective Data & Analytics products of tomorrow.


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Data-driven growth requires knowledge  in datai

"Marketing without knowing your data is like driving with your eyes closed"

Dan Zarella,

author of “the science of marketing”

Challenges of the Chief Data 

The digital revolution is ongoing. The exponential growth of data and the revolutionary breakthrough of AI technology create a unique opportunity for organizations. The key to success lies in translating these new possibilities into concrete business opportunities.

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Challenges of the Chief Marketing 

In a rapidly changing digital world, the marketing manager faces a challenging task. The exponential growth of data and the revolutionary breakthrough of AI technology create a unique opportunity, but also a complex landscape. The key to success lies in translating these new possibilities into concrete business opportunities.

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Use cases in building datai products

Sales & marketing support

Marketing campaign

customer profiling list

Utilizing consumer profiles derived from customer and market data to uncover new market opportunities and optimize marketing automation and customer engagement tactics.

Partner Management

Comission Calculator

An dynamic calculator based on multiple source integration and data checks enhances commission management and mitigates fraud and risks in wholesale partnerships

Sales Opportunity & Forecast

Sales Monitor

Utilizing a multichannel strategy is igniting numerous customer interactions. Through predictive analysis and multivariable correlation, sales is forecasted from a customer-centric viewpoint.

Customer experience

Customer Segmentation

Segmentation Engine

Incorporating both qualitative and quantitative analysis methods into a segmentation output matrix to effectively divide customers and enhance product management strategies.


Product Recommendation

Utilizing a multitude of customer data events, we create a recommendation engine that tailors product and service offerings to each individual's preferences.

Custimer Retention & Churn

Customer 360 record

A monthly overview of key customer indicators in a dashboard gives a historical customer overview to measure retention and churn scores per product and service.


Information Story Telling

Data Contextualization

Enhanced by AI-driven visualization and storytelling, analytical workflows and metrics are presented with a clear context and insightful interpretation.

Sales & Marketing Datai Products

Datai Product Store

Through a marketing data product store, consumers and power users have access to a variety of marketing data products, enabling them to explore, reuse, and utilize well-documented marketing data sets and dashboards effectively.

Datai Platform

Datai Exploration Box

With the increasing demand for AI-driven solutions in marketing, an analytical exploration sandbox has been established as a core component of the customer data platform to assist analytical producers and consumers.

Who is DKC (Datai Knowledge Collective)?

With DKC we bundle the best experience in the use of Data & AI within Sales & Marketing departments. DKC bundles its core expertise and has surrounded itself with competence centers that offer specialist technology or domain knowledge. Our goal is to offer our customers a uniquely tailored solution through a collective of organizations and experts who share knowledge and experience.

Our range of services includes strategic support and vision development around data & AI for Sales and Marketing organizations, data & AI product design/development/implementation/operation as well as learning and adoption support of these data & AI products.

We measure our success by realizing effective data & AI solutions that help our customers innovate, differentiate and connect to trends that will irreversibly influence our world.